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Good Night Love Sms | Romantic Night SMS

Good Night Love SMS: To Tell Someone Good Night, we can send him the Good Night Love SMS. So that we could come close to his heart and express his love for him. Through the night, we can tell him his heart talk and tell him a good night. We sent the message of love through the air and the same wind-blown us down me. Steal someone night and make her love and always love her. It is very important for us to understand the feelings of the night when sending Good Night Love SMS to her. Here is a list of best and sweetest Romantic Good Night SMS for your beloved girlfriend. So give your wishes to sweetheart and enjoy fully the night with love. Every girl is expected to talk about love and love with her partner. Night is the last part of the day and congratulations to my girlfriend on these Cute Good Night Love SMS means that I'm missing you till the last part of the day. Congratulate my Love(G.F) with these Night Love SMS and trust me that this new day is the best way to make special.

Cute Good Night Sms
Good Night SMS

I have sent Good Night Love SMS ( for My love )
Because this is the last night of the day
Good Night My Sweetheart 
I love U So much

=*%-._.-%* =.
'-._G O O D_.-'


=%*-._.-*% =,
'-.   NIGHT      -'
 '+. _ .+"-

It is real sadness when Girl say goodnight and say "By" And after that Girl lives online on Facebook
Good Night Baby ( Sweetheart )

Good Night Love SMS | Romantic Night SMS:

We have done our work and now it is your turn to have so much Good Night SMS in front of you. You can choose any one of them and then send it to your friend Or your Girlfriend.

मै तुझसे एक अरमान मांगता हूँ,तुझमे अपनी जान मानता हूँ,तू सो जाएगी मोबाइल ऑफ करके इसलिये एक गुड नाईट किश उधार मांगता हूँ......

सोते हुए को जगाएंगे हम, 
आप की नींद चुरायेंगे हम, 
हर वक़्त SMS कर सतायेंगे हम, 
आप को आयेगा गुस्सा 
लेकिन उस गुस्से में ही याद तो आयेंगे हम. 
Good Night Baby

अब इतनी नाईट को अपुन तेरे को किसी फिल्म की कहानी सुनाने के लिए मैसेज तो करेगा नहीं. ↪ कॉमन सेंस की बात है के तेरे को ↺ गुड नाईट बोलने का है! ↻चल लुडक ले..

If you wake up, good night my dear darling and if you just
Woke up, good morning honey I love you so much

In the game of life, sometimes people kick us like we are football;
But they do not know that they are sending themselves to the goal.
Goodnight Sweet Baby, have a peaceful nap with sweet dreams Sleep Tight pillow and take Sleep.

Closer to the heart of each other
From evening till the morning light,
The night is good; Because, my love,
They never say good night.

Friendship-not the moon, not a star, not the sun. Because they all disappear but my friendship - like a sky that will always look good to you.

Somewhere under the light of the yellow moon, someone thinks of you, where dreams come true ... good and beautiful dreams for you

You're the reason for my sleeping night. This is the reason why I catch my pillow tight. It is you that I am thinking of lying in the night. And you can not sleep without goodnight.

The night is not beautiful with the star-studded sky and full moon, when you sleep it becomes beautiful
And admire the stars and the moon for your innocence... Good night

It is a must to dream of success in life! Sleep to see and dream !! So climb the first ladder of your destination !! And ..... go to sleep !! Good night

The night is a great opportunity to relax, have fun, smile and prepare for all the fight that is fighting tomorrow. good night

Wash your face and wash your feet! Now the time has gone to sleep. Your eyes are weak and the mouth cannot say so, hopefully, this night will be sweet. good night.

Now, so that I will not have the message to tell the story of a film to you. 
It is a matter of common sense. I want to say goodnight to you! Sweet Dreams

It does not matter if the sky is black or blue. no difference .. if there are stars or moon .. until your heart is true .. Sweet dreams will always be with you. good night!

Love sweet as sugar, bitter if you do not know it better. The best place to think about memories is to call you to sleep.

Night is silent but I can not sleep Maybe because I'm waiting for my cell phone Before the dream, get what I want and receive your message.

Go away mosquito
And cut off those friends
Who sleeps without telling me goodnight
Good Night Sweet Dream ❤ My friend 

When I see u ( I love u too)
But my heart can no longer live without you
Sending my heart
Take care of man
Good Night ❤

A special face
A special Smile
A special Hug for your arms me 2 you
A special person
I Found in you
Good Night Sweet Dream 
You are very special to me

Hey Sweetheart, I love you only to only you
Good NYT - Baby

Go to my heart
wish & kiss her
and Say sweet dreams
Good Night Love SMS especially for U

Romantic Good Night Love Sms
Sweet Love Night SMS

In our destiny, you wrote,
You are not my love
you are my life
Dear Baby, I love you 

Night is a Cinema hall,
Dream is a movie,
God is the Director,
Nature is the Producer,
You're a hero, "Enjoy Life"
A lovely Good Night SMS For U*Sweetdream*

'' Night '' *
 '' light '' *Turn off*
Come in the dream
* '' Flight, '' *
I have a sweet dream of my tight hug
*"good night"*
U R a special person ( Night Love SMS 4U )

This sweet night I will Be romance to you
Talk sweetly to you
I Will fulfill your every desire
Just once you say me I love U

My life begins with ( Night Stars )
And you are the star for me
You are my best night
And the night is very deep
And your love as deep as night

Your dream determines your goals, 
Your goals are known for your actions, 
The results of your actions are generated, & the results give you success. 
Goodnight My lovely friend

Good Night Love SMS   Sweet Dream Night SMS :

The night is very important in our lives. And even more important is that we have fun with our friends. Someone talks with their girlfriends, then someone is happy to send a night's message to Our Friends and make her happy her heart. This is the ritual of our lives that even if we do anything for our friend, they should say it just let it be too much. We should all try to win the heart of my girlfriend or my friend, and for this, we need some Romantic Good Night Love SMS for our friend other For our Girlfriend Which we wrote for you in this post. 

Good Night Love Sms
Romantic Night SMS

You are the voice of my heart
You are my life
You are my Breath
You are all Everything
You are my night
& *** You are my heart***
Good Night My Love

Life is a one night
And I do not know how many dreams in my night
What we found is our own
And that which is broken is a dream
Romantic Night Sms For You

Someone is love with the moon,
and someone is love stars
We are in love with those who love us
Good Night Dear friend

The night is rest
and I have to talk to you
I want to tell you something
My heart wants to say something to you
I L U - Do you love Me?
Good Night Dear

My friend my life is your name,
Never forget me ( Good NYT Dear )

Good Night Romantic Sms
Heart Touching Night Sms

The cold breeze of the night,
& You are with me, In my arms
Good NYT Baby ( I love u )

Stars to be shocked by seeing your appearance
You are so beautiful & Everyone Dead in your love
Good Night Sweetheart

I'm Break the stars for you
I won't take you on the moon
Sorry, I was dreaming
Good NYT My friend

My Love, You are so restless in my heart
So these messages I wrote to your name
Good Night Baby

I want to tell you 25% Good morning
and 25 % Good afternoon 
25%  Good Evening
and last 25% Good Night 

Good Night Sweet Dreams Sms
Sleep Well Good Night Sms

According to Indian Serials
If extinguished lamp of soil then understand " Husband is dead "
And if the plate falls on the ground then " Husband Accident "

Romantic Good Night SMS | Good Night Love SMS:

Now, Sleep otherwise the ghost will come - good night dear friend ❤❤❤

Is on the moonlight, Have done night, Now turn off tube light, and then sleep keep Quite.

If it is a hot summer night, thinking about you comes me sweet fever below my spinal cord. If it is a cold winter night, then I feel like you enjoy my heart with my heart.


Do you know what is temporary? The brightness of the stars that disappeared as the sun, which grows in the past, do you know what is permanent? The way you are, my heart beats with joy, good night

This message is to remind you that even though the path of the day will be shown in the night, I will always have the dark night sky which covers you like a blanket, and the bright moon which shines for love forever. Romantic Night Sms

I do not want to be your blanket, in which you do quietly, I do not want to make your bed sheets, on which you bend, I just want to be with that person, with whom you can do all those things together. Good Night Love SMS especially for u

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The night is the last part of the day and we do not want to shed our night, so we can make Good Night Love SMS and then by sending to our girlfriends or my friend. Everybody awaiting the Night SMS and everyone expects that someone who wants to send him the Good Night Love SMS.

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