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Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Sister *Raksha Bandhan Wishes*

 ❤❤ Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Sister ❤❤

Raksha Bandhan Wishes For SisterFriends' Raksha Bandhan is celebrated once a year. And why do we celebrate? We do not want to urge our sister to be sad and always pray to God that she is always happy. Everyone loves his sister. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated throughout the country. Usually, this festival is considered as a brother-sister. On this day sisters pray for their longevity by binding a rakhi on the brother's wrist and the brothers always promise to protect their sisters forever. Each year, sister builds Rakhi to her brother's wrist and asks for her defense. On this big festival, You Wishes Raksha Bandhan to your Sister. We all love our siblings and will always want them to remember us whenever they are in trouble. So we get to help our sister immediately. What happiness our sister can give us no one give happiness on us, he can not give any other than you in life, our sister always wants this Our brother is always happy. We have written a few messages for you to the festival of Raksha Bandhan so that you can send your sister and increase love between sisters brother. Best Collection Of Text Messages For Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Sister.

बहना तेरे हर गम को अपना बनाऊंगा मैं,
ख़ुद रो कर भी तुझको हसाऊंगा मैं.

अपनी बहन को बहुत चाहते भाई हैं,
पर इनकी किस्मत में होता जुदाई हैं.

मेरी बहना,
आसमान पर सितारे हैं जितने उतनी जिन्दगी हो तेरी,
किसी की नजर ना लगे दुनिया की हर ख़ुशी हो तेरी.

Dear Sister, 


Today Is Very Special Day For Me,
I have Something Special For My Sister,
Always Your Brother Is Around Of You For The Sake Of Your Sanity.

My Cutie Sweet Sister 

ये सब आपके लिए है सुन रही हो ना आप राधिका दीदी - आप हमसे दूर होकर भी हमसे हमारे पास हो बस हमें अपनी बहन का आशीर्वाद चाहिए

❤ आप मेरी बहन नहीं, आप मेरी सब कुछ है ❤
  जो प्यार हमें अपनी माँ से मिलता है वो सभी खुशिया - वो प्यार - हमें अपनी बहन से भी मिलता है 
 ❤ आप हमारी ख़ुशी के लिए हमारे लिए किया कुछ नहीं करती ❤
 आप हमेशा हमारी ख़ुशी के लिए अपनी ख़ुशी हमसे छुपा लेती हो 
❤ हमेशा आप अपने भाई का ध्यान रखती हो ❤
 और अपने भाई को कभी भी अपने दुःख का एहसास तक नहीं होने देती हो 
❤ हमेशा की तरह से आज भी आप हमें रक्षा बंधन के त्यौहार पर हमें सुरक्षा कवच बाँध रही हो ❤
 ताकि आपके भाई को कभी नजर न लगे और कभी भी उसके ऊपर कोई आंच ना आये 
❤ हम अपनी बहन से बहुत प्यार करते है हम नहीं कहते की वो हमसे कभी रूठे हमेशा खुश रहे ❤
 और हम अपनी बहन को वचन देते है की हम हमेशा उसकी हर बात मानेंगे 
❤ और हम अपनी बहन को उसकी रक्षा का वचन देते है ❤
 आई लव यु मेंली बहन - हमेशा आपका नाम ही जुबाह पर रहेगा 

Raksha Bandhan has come with a lot of happiness,
And our sister is also happy bcoz she is to tie rakhi on his brother's wrist.

My Cutie Sister - You Are Precious In My Life 

बहन ने भाई की कलाई पे प्यार बाँधा है
प्यार के दो तार से संसार बाँधा है
चाहे वो हमसे हो लाख दूर
किस्मत से बहन को इस संसार में पाया है
ज़िन्दगी अधूरी सी लगती थी पर अब लगता है कि हमारी बहन हमारे साथ है
Happy Raksha Bandhan My Sweetu Sister
I Love U Soo - Always & God Bless U

Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Sister ,

बहन मुझे जल्दी से मीठा मुंह करा दो
जल्दी से मेरी कलाई पर सुरक्षा कवच बांधे
और माथे पर टीका भी लगा दो
और काला धागा भी बांधे ताकि आपके भाई को किसी की नज़र न लगे

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Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Sister

❤ Sister, you remember we go to school together,
You and my fight were too much,
And you complain to our mom,
Even today we refresh our memories,
Because there is also our sister caring for us in our childhood,
I love u sister - Happy Raksha Bandhan and you always be happy. 

❤ Life is incomplete without a sister,
And Sister is incomplete for brother's love,
The relationship that enhances the love of brother and sister is Raksha Bandhan,
I just got the love of my mother and my father is on the second number for loving me,
And my sister is one of the moon stars,
Bcoz She loves me Soo Much - Maybe even my mom & papa. 
❤ My sister is one in thousands,
My sister is one in millions,
My sister is one in crores,
From childhood, we get our sister's love,
& I love My Sister - Happy Raksha Bandhan,
My princess Sister. 
❤ Remember that he passed away,
Calling your sweet voice as a brother,
That morning you wake me up for school,
What to do now is the burning of life. 
❤ She is a childhood crook, playing on the swings,
That's the scolding of the mother, she loved the papa's love,
But one thing that is special in all of these,
That is the love of my dear sister. 
❤ We prayed for my sister to god,
Give me a lovely 'sister' who is different everybody,
That God gave a lovely sister,
And said - these are 'priceless' arrangements. 
❤ The greatest pleasure of Rakhi Greetings,
For a dear sister who brings happiness,
For his brother's life,
It may be an auspicious day,
Bring you great joy and happiness,
And keep you peaceful for the rest of the day,
Happy Raksha Bandhan OF My Sister. 
❤ Sister cares and shares his feelings,
She listens to obscure words,
He understands the invisible pain,
I love my sister  - Happy Raksha Bandhan Didi. 
❤ Let's celebrate the spirit of Raksha Bandhan,
Pray together and with the whole family,
Continues to enjoy good health and prosperity,
On this happy occasion, my dear brother,
I wish you all the best things in life,
Wish you good luck. 
❤ Sister, you're like a fragrant rose,
Sister, you are the greatest gift of life,
Sister, you pick my soul up to new heights,
Sister, you always feel special,
Happy Raksha Bandhan to my beautiful sister. 

❤ God could not take care of the whole world,
That's why he has given each family to mothers,
Likewise, the mother could not take care,
For the whole part of our lives,
That is why he had given to the brothers,
Thanks for being my brother,
Happy Rakhi Sister. 
❤ The loving time of Raksha Bandhan is the best time brother,
To remind us of the wonderful moments we spent together,
Thanks for sharing each other's happiness and sorrow,
Smiling everywhere and making life so beautiful,
The meaningful and happy sister is the one who is caring and sharing,
The sister can understand the things you never said,
He can understand the pain,
Whoever does not love my sister,
Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes Sister. 
❤ It is the effect of my prayers,
My sister's humor is always full of happiness,
If he is ever in the darkness, then he will be with him,
Always loved her in my sister's way,
The pair of both of them always kept,
The hand of the god are above them always keep on their heads. 
❤ The house also wakes up when the smiling sister,
It is strange that when the house goes away leaving sister,
The house is too small, then - When the sister leaves the house  goes away & weeping us,
Very playful, & very happy sister Take a delicate heart, and Every sister is innocent. 
❤ Sister's love is not less than a blessing,
If they want to be away, then there is no grief,
Often relationships are faded away from distances,
But the sibling's love never diminishes. 
❤ You were always my best friend, searching for me to make sure that the route I traveled was smooth. Even if I have searched the world, even then you can not be a better Sister. You always give good luck to live. 
❤ A Sister is a person who always loves and cares, he is a person who understands your thoughts and feelings is a person who helps you in any difficult circumstances. I love you My Dear Sister Wish you a Happy Raksha Bandhan. 
❤ Everyone should have a partner in their life so that they can reduce their grief,
I have my partner, my friend, everything is my sister for me,
I will pray to God in every birth that I get this same sister in every birth. 
❤ My sisters fight me,
Ever quarrels with me,
But without saying all our things,
A sense of understanding also holds sister. 
❤ Success life kiss your step,
Happiness is around you,
But to pray so much to God,
Give your sister some happiness. 
❤ Dear Sister, today is Raksha Bandhan and you are not here on my side... But we are closer to each other's thoughts and my love will always be with you. I love you and miss you a lot. 
❤ You never say, you never say that it is impossible and you never say that you can not do it, This is my brother, a superman who makes things possible and makes the path easier. Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes My Cutie Sister! 

50+ Raksha Bandhan Wishes Messages For Sister  

Good Night Love SMS                   Good Night Messages For Her 

❤ This Rakhi brings you everything you want and whatever you dream of. Success can be with you in every step taken by you. Is a blessed Raksha Bandhan - My Sister is my Sweet life. 

❤ Those lucky sisters On whose head the brother has a hand, Every trouble happens with her, & Fight again That is why there is so much love in this relationship. 
❤ Wishes For Sister Messages that you can understand sister's love more deeply by reading - Sister's love is very precious for a brother. The love of the brother and sister are very unique and lovely. Fighting, quarreling and celebrating each other are very beautiful relations of brother and sister.  
❤ My brother miles is far away, where I can not see his smile, where I can not laugh with him, where I can not hold him in his arms, yet he is in my thoughts and smiles. 
❤ Sister's love is most beautiful, whether it is an older sister or younger. Today, we have brought you dear precious thoughts on Sister - Raksha Bandhan  
❤ I will give you all the happiness of the world, I will fulfill every responsibility of being your brother. My Sister Is Everything and I love him.
Wishes A Inspirational Happy Raksha Bandhan Sister 
❤ Hey God, the effect of my prayers was so much,
My sister's humor is always full of happiness.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Sister 

❤ Brothers as much as trouble their sisters,
But the sisters have the life of his brothers.
❤ Lucky to be those people who have love-sister,
The person's luck is written in - sister is fortunate to them.
I Love My Sister. 
❤ There are elder sisters who can save their parents,
And the younger sister is behind the hide on back.
Love U Too Much Didi 
❤ As both eyes are together,
However, the relationship between siblings and sisters is also very special.
I Miss U DiDi 
❤ It is also necessary for love, life is not incomplete without the fight between sisters,
Hehe - I love my sister. 
❤ My sisters, there are stars on the sky as much as your life,
You are happy in the world without anyone's evil eyes.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes. 
❤ When no one in the house understands the condition of the heart,
They are sisters who understand everything.
That is why - I love my Sister
I Wish You Happy Raksha Bandhan My Lovely Sister.  
❤ There was no intention of mischief in childhood,
Elder sister !!! If you did not, childhood would not be so cute.
Absolutely Right - Friend.
Always Respect Your Sister.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes Sister 
❤ Sisters are sweet,
Talks are superficial,
and gives lots of happiness. 
❤ Sister farewell,
But he never forgets the heart. 
❤ Everybody has to say the flowers of star & moon, there are thousands of my life and my sister is only one them. 
❤ जिंदगी अधूरी है बिना बहन के,
और बहन अधूरी है भाई के प्यार के लिए,
भाई और बहन के प्यार को बढ़ाने वाला रिश्ता रक्षा बंधन है,
मुझे बस माँ का प्यार मिला है और दूसरे नंबर पर मेरे पापा है,
और मेरी बहन चाँद तारो में एक है,
जो मुझे इतना प्यार करती है,
शायद मेरे मम्मी पापा से भी. 
❤ जीवन में एक ऐसा साथी या दोस्त होना चाहिए जो आपके दुःख को समझ सके और आपकी हर मुसीबत में काम आये,
मेरे पास तो मेरा साथी, मेरा दोस्त सब कुछ मेरे लिए मेरी बहन है,
मै भगवन से हर जनम में यही दुआ करूँगा कि मुझे यही बहन मिले हर जनम में. 
❤ मेरी बहना हजारों में एक है,
मेरी बहन लाखो में एक है,
मेरी बहन करोड़ों में एक है,
बचपन से ही हमें अपनी बहन का प्यार मिलता है,
आज मैं बहुत खुश हूं क्योंकि मेरी बहन राखी बांधने को उत्कर्ष है. 
❤ खुशकिस्मत होते है वो लोग जिनके पास बहन का प्यार होता है,
जिनकी किस्मत में लिखी होती है बहन उन्ही को नसीब होती है,
आज का दिन मेरे लिए बहुत खास है क्योंकि हम किसी के लिए खास है,
➱Love U sister My Sister. 

Best Status For Raksha Bandhan:-

Best Status For Raksha Bandhan:- Welcome to the best collection of Raksha Bandhan Status. On the special day of Raksha Bandhan, you can express your emotions and make the event more euphoric. You can send these Awesome Rakhi statuses to your brother or sisters who love you. You can send some special gift to your brother or sister on this special day. Here we are providing you best status for Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi quotes for Raksha Bandhan, best quotation for Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi messages for brother, Rakhi message for sister etc. Read and send Best Status For Raksha Bandhan to your friends or brother and sister. Tell your sister that she is very special to you. This astonishing accumulation of Raksha Bandhan Quotes and enable you to achieve your dear one in the most delightful way. We know that Rakhi is coming soon and you all will be aware of this Hindu festival. If you finding Raksha Bandhan Messages For Brother or Sister then you are an absolute right webpage. Raksha Bandhan is the festival of brother and sister. On today sisters tied the knot of thread on brother’s hand within the kind of love and care and pray for the well-being of brothers. In return, brother takes the resolution of taking care of her sister and to avoid wasting her from evils. On this Raksha Bandhan Day share, these Beautiful Rakhi Greetings Messages, Rakhi Quotes, and Raksha Bandhan Wishes Images-Wallpapers with your sister and brothers.

I am sending you best wishes of Rakhi. Happy Rakhi Bhai. Love you, brother!

This Rakhi message goes out the foremost wondrous sister of the globe that is my 'didi'. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

All for one and one for all, my brother and my friend. What fun we've got, the time we tend to share. Brothers until the top. Happy Rakhi!

“We can forget some memory but we never forget the sweet memory of our brother and sister.”

All other festivals may be very colorful and joyful but no festival is like Raksha Bandhan. It makes our bond stronger and stronger. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Brother and sister are the great relationships in this world. I love you, my dear. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
Rakhi messages in English
" I am fortunate to have a sibling like you, there is a magnificent bond between you and me, a power of profound devotion and trust, an obligation of fellowship, mindful and sharing and that is not at all like some other relationship."

"My adoration for you is inconceivable. My gifts to you are boundless. Dear Brother, you will dependably be my companion, a guide, and a legend. Upbeat Raksha Bandhan."

Sometimes being a sibling is stunningly better being superhuman." Rakhi msg for sister

" Dear sibling, Happy Rakhi how about we commend our unique relationship and guarantee to be for each different dependably, you are the best sibling, and sister could request. "

"Rakhi is an ideal time to reveal to you that the amount you intend to me and the amount I cherish you."

"Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet."

"An obligation of harmony, It's a string that ties, Our lives and our hearts. Upbeat Raksha Bandhan 2018 Dear wonderful Sister."

" He is my dearest companion and my bitterest match, my compatriot and my deceiver, my sustainer and my ward, and scariest of all my equivalent."

" A sibling is a companion God gave you; a companion is a sibling your heart decided for you."

" Sky is blue, feel this tint, my adoration is for you Bhaiya which is constantly valid, heaps of good wishes for Raksha Bandhan."

"A sister is a tad of youth that can never be lost."

"You helped me while I was stuck in an unfortunate situation, you influenced me to feel safe when I was frightened and different things you did to make me upbeat. Much appreciated are inadequate for this. Upbeat Raksha Bandhan to you, Brother."

"I miss those circumstances when you reprove them for something I did or said wrong, the circumstances you got my work done, the circumstances you remain by me when I require somebody to cry on, Thank You So Much, sister! Glad Rakhi to you."

"To have a sister, it is to have a perfect partner throughout everyday life."

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❤ You are the dearest sister in this world. On this special day, I am sending you best wishes of Rakshi.

Raksha Bandhan day
Happy Rakhi wishes to brother
Raksha Bandhan poems
Raksha Bandhan for brother
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