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Sunday, 22 August 2021

101+ Funny Good Morning Messages, Text and Pictures For Morning Humor

Laugh is one kind of power and can bring for us psycho-physical benefits for our health. By giving concentration about your health conditions to achieve a healthier life, our best comedian expert has made the best funny good morning message attaching with some best jokes.

Your funny good morning messages may change your beloved person’s mood despite having lazy or sleepy in bed. It is the vast virtue of making someone happy or laughing and sometimes it stimulates a person for better work.

We believe that our jokes or funny morning messages can help to release your beloved people’s stress and tension and can help to find the lost concentration just by clicking the SEND button on your mobile phone. So there you go.

Funny Morning Messages:-

Good morning. Have a cup of tea and start your machine because it’s a long way away from the weekend. So let’s start.

It’s not a weekend yet. Just put a smile on your face, look around and pick up the day only for you cause it’s still morning. Good morning!

Always keep positiveness in your heart because the real world won’t give you. Good morning. Have a good day.

I am sending a GOOD MORNING message to you and hoping that the day will go in your favor.

Waking up in the morning and realizing that it is not a weekend. Have to expand the day with the best working routine. Good morning.

Good morning! If you think you didn’t sleep enough last night, don’t worry. You will get a chance to take a power nap in the midday.

Lazy, good morning! The day may be productive for someone, not for you.

Good morning! It may be easy parting between us but it seems that it really hard from the bed for you.
Every day waking up from the bed and joining in real life don’t you hate. Me too, bro. good-morning

Sleeping in the time of morning feels like a warrior. If I wake up the arrow in my heart. Good morning.
Not to keep an alarm clock at your bedside is a blessing but keeping an alarm clock is a curse. Good morning.

Everybody wanna be a morning man. I can be… if the morning starts after the afternoon! Good morning.

Life is full of problems and puzzles. If you wanna avoid these just sleep and don’t wake up from the bed. Sleeping is the best way to ignore the full day. Sleep until you die. Good morning.

Funny good morning Texts

Teacher: why did you so late? Student: because my mom and my papa were fighting. Teacher: so what have made you late? Student: because of one shoe in my mom’s hand and another in my father! Have a funny good morning.

Dear Colgate, why do you add lemon and salt in yourself? Please, add a little whiskey and vodka so that people can brush teeth again and again. Good morning.

If you wake up from sleep and see that 30 notification on your phone, you actually wake up after 11 pm.
My waking up good morning is “ open my eyes and take deep breaths and then go to sleep again”.

A good morning message I am sending to you when maybe you are asleep and will be in at noon and at night! Seriously have you ever awake?

Someone sent me a good morning message and now how will spend the rest of the day motherfucker!
Stay cool and not to need pretending, it’s not weekend.

Life is full of bamboo, only bamboo, and bamboo, good morning bamboo.

How can a person so lazy to tired waking up in the morning? Seems you have a bed in the office. Wake up!

Don’t be too lazy waking up in the morning because you will get everything even if you want to marry a beautiful girl you may get.

Best Funny Morning Texts For Her

When reality and dreams are quarrels, generally the alarm clock goes to stop. Have a funny good morning.

One thing is really disturbing about those people who wake up from sleep in the morning like they take just 3 hours to conquer France.

I love to see the early hours of the day. To see that morning is right but I don’t wanna wake up morning.

Funny Good Morning Texts For Friends

Hey, one day you will be a morning man but not today. So go back to sleep.

Good morning to my friend who is the best sleepy person ever. Even now he is sleeping.

Good morning my friend who exists for sleep. Have a good day.

You are my such a friend who doesn’t sleep but sometimes wake up. Check my good morning when your morning is.

Good morning to a friend who is in our world because you are always asleep.

Good morning to my only a friend who loves to wake up in the morning. Have a peaceful day.

Knock! Knock! Who is there! Your friend. Which friend? Your friend who is here for pouring a bucket of cold water in your hotbed.

Buddy, I am not sure about it at the first faze. But I know that it is much more torturer. I don’t deserve to go through the sorrowful situation and now its the best for me to give me such a day. So good morning to you. Have a good day.

Good morning my wild and crazy friend, just push the bed from the back and go to the washroom and pour some water in your face and take your coffee and grab the day with a smile.

Funny Good Morning Text
Funny Good Morning Text

Funny Morning Text

The worst part of waking up is having to wake up. Go through this process and first wake up from sleep. Good morning.

Open your mouth widely. I will pour a cup of hot coffee inside cause its morning and good morning.

Good morning my friend. Someone reminds me seasonal friends come and go. But I don’t believe. We are soulmates. So let’s start the day with joy. See you soon.

Hey dear, if you think that I am bad, you are not right. Because I am the worst for you to wake up from sleep. Good morning.

Hey, friend. Good morning. You are my best morning partner. So that’s why I haven’t to shoot you from the bed. See you in the morning walk.

Good morning, dude. If the people knew how we are funny, hilarious, and amazing so they want to be a part of our small gang.

Good morning, my best friend. Thanks to beside my crucial moment. Thanks again and take love from the core of my heart.

Hey good morning, I know life is got down you. Just remember me. I will make a smile on your face. After all, it cannot be done, why me as a friend?

Wake up and be thankful. Because you will never get a better friend than me. So good morning.

I just woke up from sleep and thinking about you. I have dreamed of you last night. So good morning.

Funny Good Morning SMS

I wish my most dedicated classmate who wouldn’t miss the class anytime in spite of having a great cold. Good morning, my heart-touching friend.

Good morning, to study with you is always interesting, not bad or good. It is just interesting.

Good morning, do you have to remember that you are the only one who had given me a seat on your side on the first day of my school?

Hey, engineer! Have you ever thought that you will be an engineer one day? You wanted to be a pilot, right. I do remind the day sometimes.

The teacher asks the student to make future tense: “I killed him”, and the student politely replied “ you will go to jail. Good morning, guys.

Teacher: I will ask a question who will give an answer can go home. Suddenly a student throws the bag outside of the classroom. Teacher: ask, who have thrown the bag? Student: me sir, I am going home. Good morning dear!

In a word describe school “hell”. Good morning.

Teacher: Do you know what is Microsoft excel? Student: yes, sir. My mom says that its a stepbrother of surf excel.  Good morning.

Teacher: what is come after 69? Student: mouthwash. Teacher: get out. “good morning, boys”.

Boss: how can we keep our office neat and clean? Staff: by staying at home, sir. Good morning, have a naughty day.

If you see my message, nothing can stop you. Just go ahead. Good morning.

There are two types of people I ever found. One is morning people and the other one is who shoots out the morning people.

Funny good morning texts for a colleague

Stop noising in your brain. Just be lighted yourself in the out light. Good morning, mate.

All of the colleagues in our offices are affected by your infectious morning smile.

There is nothing inspiration in the office except you because I learn every moment from you. Good morning.

You are the only one anti-virus of my play store when I affect some contaminated things, I need to install you then.  Good morning, mate.

Every sunrise works lighter of the last night’s darkness. So why you don’t wake up from your black past and start the day that way you really love.

Mate, if you can conquer the morning sleep, you can conquer anything, I believe. Sleeping morning is the main barrier. Good morning.

Funny good morning messages for a colleague

Learn something as if it is your first day and treat with colleagues and stuff as if it is your last day at the office. Good morning.

To face the failure part and to overcome the fears are the main key to success. Good morning.

Everyone has to face the bad times, why you not? Just thing the bad times as a turning point of yours.

That lucrative promotion, bonus, and lunch or dinner with boss grabbing the project everything you will get if you don’t miss the morning. Wake up and put a smile in your face the way you can conquer everything as well as the core of heart. So good morning.

Whatever it is Monday, Friday, Wednesday, as soon as you like people are always with me. It’s just a wonderful day. Good morning.

Funny good morning messages for him

I have sent a good morning message when it is morning, and you checked in the afternoon although it will appear to you as its still morning. So go back to sleep babe.

Your good morning message is a motivation for me and the day goes well. Please don’t forget to give me a morning wish.

Every night you come as a princess in my dream. So I don’t want to miss you. For this, I sleep till afternoon. Good morning. brush your teeth

Why the morning starts so early? I want to sink in the dream about you so that it can make me weak in my whole body and I will sleep all day long. Good morning.

Good morning, dear. lets the welcome our another day where we always bother ourselves. Best wishes to you.

You are a prince in my dream but a nightmare in the morning. So I love to sleep till noon. Good morning, babe.
Hello, the ever sexiest guy, wake up and look amid the mirror thank me for appreciating. Good morning, sweetheart.

Hello, the ever sexiest guy, wake up and look amid the mirror and thank me.

The brain is an important organ. It works when you wake up, babe. So wake up.

Cursing my alarm clock for waking up me, it had stopped me from a dream. But now I am smiling because I have to full fill the dream. Good morning, darling.

You are disturbing me like an alarm clock. don’t do it. just pour a bucket of cold water while I sleeping, sweetheart. Good morning.

Babe, I only wanna say that I am a person who always thinks about you before going to sleep and think after waking up. Love you, honey.

Funny good morning messages for my love:

I always determine that every morning I will wake up to do something productivity but when I see that you are still sleeping. My brain yells “oh, yes, right.” Then I go back to sleep.

Good morning, sweetheart. Wake up and touch the dew drops. Dewdrops are saying they feel lonely without you. Do you know?

I don’t found you in the above sky or beneath the sea or anywhere. I found you in bed. Good morning my love.

Good morning to the person who always disturbs me. Here is another day to tolerate your sweet disturbance.

My sweetheart good morning, you are the only one why I always get up early in the morning. Now I have to stay with you to guard all day long.

My love, before waking up, I just… I just think that how lucky I am to get you.

Good morning, honey. How wonderful! You let me eat breakfast morning.

Good morning, sweetie. Waking up someone from sleeping, there is nothing except the smell of bacon. woke up baby

Cook-some- doodle and don’t dare to get up from me. I love you but it’s not a morning for me. Please babe. I wanna sleep.

Seeming we are walking a thousand years but the rest of the way is not finished. Good morning.

Good morning, Sun. Why you wake up every day. What will be happened if you don’t wake up for once?

Its time to wake up honey. Open your pretty eyes and welcome to the morning by giving your admirable smile and put the smile on your face until the day finish.

Good morning, dear. I am so lucky that get you and thank God.

Good morning, sexy! Thanks to sleep with me. Have a good day.

Funny good morning messages for girlfriend:-

Here you are able to find some wonderful funny good morning messages for your girlfriend.

You are such dandruff because I just can not get out these from my head how hard I try. So become my part of life. Good morning.

Everybody needs to fall in love just for once so that he/she can perceive what is love. Honey, good morning.

Babe, I will recommend to sleep again after waking up in the morning if you don’t see me as a first thing. But good morning.

I have sent you the first good morning message, you failed. So I have won. Good morning, baby.

If I write a blog post for waking up you, I am pretty sure, I will be very rich so soon. Good morning, sweetie.

When you wake up from sleep, you start to miss me. This text only reminds you of it. Don’t forget to miss me. Good morning, baby.

Funny good morning messages for girlfriend

If the world falls down in your bed in the time of sleeping, I can’t save then. So wake up my baby.

Waking up from the sleep I just think 3 things about. One is hot coffee, another is a pancake and the other is chocolate. Do you think about me after waking up from sleep? Honey, good morning.

I am making a hot cake for breakfast. It will make me crazy. Wanna be cherry at the top of my hotcake?

Honey, I am going to give an alarm clock on your upcoming birthday so that it can run you from bed every morning.

Every morning I wake up and boost myself as if I am going to do hard work. Then my heart says to me “you are kidding with me” and I smile and go back to sleep.

Morning is beautiful but it comes such time that to wake up from sleep is really hard.

Funny good morning messages for her

Babe, last night some mosquitoes came to me. I did try to tell them, the blood is only for you. They didn’t listen, so I crushed them all.  happy morning to my dear.

For your love baby, every morning wake up me as a superman. good morning.

Its dawn right now and I need a hug. I need a kiss baby. But make sure you brush your teeth. Sorry, honey, good morning.

You dreamed about me that the last night, I think I am more than your dream. Good morning, baby.
Hey, God, wake up my baby and let her think about me. Honey, its morning.

I am doing spin in my bed this morning over and over. Just send magnet, baby. Happy morning dear.
Can you send me a gift every morning whatever it’s my birthday or not. I really need it, babe.

I am sleepy… so sleepy. And you are sending me a message, yeah, good morning messages every day. How weird!

In the world of the lie, one is ever true that a thousand of roses could never give me aroma that is you give me. Really, heart.

True happiness is when you smile at me and it seems to me that its dawn. Happy morning, dear.

Really the night was short. But I woke up to love more than I did yesterday. Honey, love you.

Hey, my night was very peaceful! When you were sleeping peacefully. But last night I was busy in the parade-ground fighting with mosquitoes in my room. At last, I woke up but it’s still morning. There’s nothing for you to fight. So happy morning.

Funny Morning
Funny Morning

Funny good morning texts for your crush

I love the morning of Springs, I love to see Autumn’s sky, I love to walk in Winter. But more I love you. Happy morning, dear.

As the sun enlightens the darkness from the earth, similarly you light me. Last night I dreamed about you that we are gone to date. Get up, dear.

Your eyes look like a glow of heaven when I see deep in it, I lose myself, dear.

To grow up attention can be difficult but your smile is making me addicted badly. Have a sweet day.

The think about you is quite love, I just want to show the real love of my about you. Have a fantastic day. Good morning.

When you wake up, I just love to see your innocent face and by seeing this, I just lose myself.

You are responsible for my existence. When you stay with me, your presence awakens my body, spirit, and my soul.

I can show a million reasons for seeing your smile in the morning. I thank God to found like you.

Only for appearing of Sun, we see color, do you know? But only for loving you, I can love people. Good morning, dear.

Good morning to the most adorable person ever on the earth. Wake up, if you wake up, the sun rises.

Whatever the weather cloudy or rainy or windy, when I see you, it’s apparent to me as the beginning of the day.

Morning humor messages for wife:-

Dear oxygen, I want to live every moment of life with you both at the begging and end of my life.

How lucky I am, my queen loves me so much, but she gives me to breakfast at 11 am.

In the morning get down from the bed, it’s really hard for a queen. Sorry, good morning, my queen. Please give me my morning tea.

How I lucky to get you as my queen just think that and wake up from sleep and feel good to send you.

Drinking coffee in the morning to see you give me the most happiness in my life.

Every day I wake up in the morning and I am happy cause I get you.

Every morning I appreciate and thank myself for marring an ever beautiful lady like you.

Everybody see the Sunrise in the east but I see right the next of my bed. Happy morning, darling.

Hey my heart-queen, you are turned all my of nightmares into a good dream and shifted my fear with love.

I hope that every morning starts with delicious food made by your magical hand. Good day.

The morning becomes sweeter when you bring me a coffee in bed. Love you, sweetheart.

Every morning I being wonder how can I go work to leave my exotic and sexy wife. Good morning sweetheart.

Honey, by getting your first kiss every morning make me more productive, do you know?

Funny Morning Pictures
Funny Morning Pictures

Funny good morning messages for my husband:

Find your funny good morning messages for your hubby:

I forget to bring blankets last night. Now I am feeling so cold, please wrap me up to your body, I have a hot husband. Good morning.

Dear husband, I want to start every morning by seeing your smile and getting by your deep hug.

My husband, your morning kisses in my forehead, and deeply hug speak more than a thousand words and express love more than love.

Every man created for every individual person and I am blessed you are mine.

Right now, you may be miles away from me but don’t forget that you are in my heart always. Good morning, darling.

humor morning texts for husband

A thousand miles can not keep us apart. With the passage of time, our love will be increased. Love you, sweetheart.

Your love makes me wondering and keeps my existence for the next day. Badly miss you, honey.

From that we are apart from each other, I have been waiting for the day when we will meet again. Miss you a lot, babe.

Honey, do you know that love has no distance. I always try to find together two minds. Happy morning.

My mind always stays in two places, here and your place. I love you, sweetheart.

Its really hard without you but every morning sun reminds me of your existence that you are in my heart. Maybe we are so far away but we are sharing warmth from the same sun shines.

Dear husband, instead of my good morning wish, I wish I will be surprised today with the gift I asked to you. Happy morning.

Through this sweet good morning text to my sweet husband, I hope some lovely flowers and have dinner outside tonight.

funny morning humor
funny morning humor

Studies have found that laughter increases life expectancy. Making a lough in the morning is very tough, but it could bring a great result for your whole day. After waking up from sleeping, there has no reason to smile. If you want to someone makes happy in the morning, sending some funny good morning messages may be the easiest way to bring a smile on her/him face.

In our short lifetime, we often fail to keep updated about our relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues, girlfriend, boyfriend or neighbor, etc. Whatever it is a good or bad situation, if you can make a little smile on their faces, we strongly believe, that smile can bring a great change in one’s life and you will be deserved placed in their heart. And the funny good morning messages will give you this opportunity.

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